Wednesday 15 November 2017


Hello everyone! We are already back from the last school year and we are ready to begin the artist's corner! This time we have started meeting Henri Matisse, a painter who invented a new form of art: THE CUT-OUTS. He started drawing using scissors and making collages adding this cut-outs to other pieces of papers.
This way, we are learning how to draw by scissors, without using any pencil so, as Henri Matisse said, the scissors are also an artistic tool.

Here you can see the power point:
Henry Matisse

And the worksheet
Full de devolució

You are great artists!! Well done!

The last day in our artists' corner. See you after Christmas little artists!

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Tuesday 21 March 2017


This time we are going to create sculptures using wire. We are going to know the artist ALBERTO GIACOMETTI and some of his art and we are going to create our own sculptures like he did. Get inspired!! Here you can see what we made: Giacometti 1