Thursday 20 February 2014


COMICS by angles
(If you want to make your own comic online visit: )

This time we are going to learn some aspects and techniques about comics.

When writing comics we cannot forget using ONOMATOPOEIAS. They help us to explain the story and they are great visual support.
We also use different kinds of speech bubbles when the characters shout, think, are afraid,....

COMICS, also, can be of different forms: COMIC STRIPS, GAG CARTOONS OR COMIC BOOKS. Let's see some examples:

In this video you can learn how to draw CARTOON FACES. Have fun!!

Here you have our drawings!!

Tuesday 11 February 2014


Xmas is over but at Artists' Corner we continue creating with felt.  Students were involved in this activity and they wanted to create their own productions and take them home.

So, again we are preparing patterns, cutting them onto felt, decorating them and sewing a lot to create the following:

Click here if you want to see how to do this activity step by step.